Dress Code

- Long Sleeve Collared Dress Shirt (tucked in) Vest, Dress Pants, Dress Shoes (no white soles) THIS WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED WITH NO EXCEPTIONS.


-As these ranking tournaments are meant to qualify players to the Canadian Snooker Championships we will be using IBSF rules, Including the MISS rule.  In the past the MISS rule has been interpreted mostly as a ‘MUST HIT’ rule, however this is not the intent of the rule.  Although a subjective call on the referee’s part we will attempt to make fair calls based on the player’s skill level and the difficulty of the snooker.  If in doubt call the Tournament Director over BEFORE the shot is played and he will make the decision. Your opponent can put you back twice.

Late Arrival

-At the appointed match start time a player will be docked 1 frame after 10 minutes and another frame 20 minutes late and after 30 minutes late match is over by default.  (i.e. – 11:10am docked one frame, 11:20am docked second frame11:30am match is over at 0-3).  If a player pre-registered and is placed in the draw but is a no-show or cancel after the draw, he will still have to pay his $40 at the next tournament.  If he had a bye he will not be awarded the 3 points.  If a player registers and doesn’t show twice he will be barred for the following 2 tournaments and if he wishes to play again he will owe 2 entry fees in addition to that day’s entry.  He will not be allowed to play otherwise.

Time Limit Per Match

 -Time Limit per 3/5 matches will be 3 hours. This will be determined by the tournament director. Our new draw sheet will have a time slot included to make this fair for everyone.

Membership Fee

-Players will not be allowed to play unless they have paid the $25 annual membership fee.  No exceptions.  Woman and U21 will get free memberships.

Entry Fees

-Normally $40 with the exception of women and U21 which will be $20.  If Provincial Championships are held it will be $50 normally and ½-price for women and U21s.  Members of other snooker organizations will be allowed to play in all provincials (Open and Senior) for the same entry fee but will pay a one-time membership fee of $25.  This will include OSSL members, Sudbury Senior League members and any player who is a member of a senior centre which has a snooker interest.


-All male or female Ontario residents are eligible to play.  

 Point System

 -A Player will be awarded one point for participating, then one point for each frame won. Our rating system will award the top players into the Canadian Snooker Championships. 

The winner of each event will be awarded an extra 2 points and Runner Up will be awarded an extra 1 point.

Provincial Eligibility 

Players must play in a minimum of three Ranking Events.


Play in three. $50 + $40 + $40 = $130

Play in four.   $50 + $40 = $90

Play in Five.  $50









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