• One point will be awarded for every event you enter.

  • The winner of each event will receive an additional five points
  • All Qualifier rounds will be best 3/5
  • One point will be awarded for every frame won. (In the case of a Round Robin format you will not loose points for frames lost)

  • The top eight players on the Ranking System will be seeded directly into the Ontario Provincial Championship along with a paid entry.

  • The next eight players on the Ranking System will be seeded into the final 16 of the Eliminations for the Ontario Provincial Championship

  • Ontario Provincial Championships will consist of 3/5 for all Elimination matches and¬†3/5 for the last 16 with final match 4/7. The top 4 in the Provincial Championships will get a paid entry to the Canadian Championships.

  • The Ranking System will continue for the complete season so players deciding to play in only¬†three of events will have less of a chance at getting into the top 16. (This game is all about participation and supporting Snooker in Ontario.)

  • In the event a player does not show up for a qualifier he will be entitled to pay $80.00 at the next qualifier he enters. If a player does this twice he will be fined $200.00 and will not be eligible to compete until his fine is paid.

This system should prove to be very effective. With our best eight players being seeded into the Ontario's and the next eight being seeded into the final 16 of the Eliminations.

Ranking Event #9 Mar 2nd 9:00am Monte Carlo Billiards & Provincials April 6-7 Corner Bank

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Please Enter my name for the Provincial Championship April 6th & 7th The Corner Bank. Check Rules for Eligibility   Yes  
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