Qualifier #1

52 players showed up for our first qualifier.  Thank you to our host Jim Wych and John White at the Corner Bank and to their staff for providing us with excellent conditions for our tournament; thank you to Jim who assisted us in running the tournament.  In addition, it was great seeing everyone in our snooker dress code which is here to stay for all events. There were lots of great battles throughout the day to get down to our last 8 players for Sunday. We had many new players sign up in particular one James Power who made it to the semi-final, well done to James in his first event.  Congratulations to our finalists Lobsang Lama and Derrick Claus; Derrick played great throughout the tournament and won 3-1 in the final.

 Congratulations: Derrick Claus

 Qualifier #2

 Another great turnout for Qualifier 2 at Master Q.  Thank you to our host Carter and his staff for giving us great snooker conditions to play under.  We had 51 players signed up, unfortunately 2 players did not attend so 49 players competed.  .  We saw a lot of new members play which is great for our game and organization.  A lot of hard battles throughout the day but eventually we got down to the last eight for Sundays finale.  Congratulations to Amar Sadeg who is one of our most improved player over the past year for reaching the finals with John Everekian ; John was our winner. 

 Congratulations: John Everekian

 Qualifier #3

We had 51 players in the draw, unfortunately 2 players did not make it so 49 players competed over the weekend at Monte Carlo and Corner Bank.  Was a great competition with lots of 60 and over breaks with 77 being the highest made by our winner; we had some great matches.  Please see the results on our website and breakdown of the payouts.  Congratulations to our finalists Nitin Sharma who is a newcomer to Canada, he played Farid Afandi in the final and won 3-1.  Nitin comes from the same area that Sahil Nayyar is from and it would seem he will be taking over where Sahil left off in being one of our top players.  We all wish Sahil a speedy recovery from his accident; he broke his leg.  He is hoping to join us again around February if all goes well.

 Congratulations: Nitin Sharma

 Qualifier #4

 44 players competed at the weekend at our new host “The Golden Break” thank you to Steve and Sherlock for being great hosts and providing their club for our competition.  The hosts wishes to thank everyone for their support and coming to their club even though they are still not fully operational; we wish the club success and look forward to playing there again. Our newcomer Nitin Sharma once again out potted his opponents in some close matches to win and he finally beat Floyd Ziegler 3-2 to secure his second tournament; congratulations to both finalists.   Jay Chelladurai had a high break of 73 for the tournament.  

Congratulations: Nitin Sharma







 Qualifier #5 


All 32 registered players showed up and competed at the weekend at Steel City Billiards.  Thank you to Connie and Doug for hosting this event.  We had several new members for the season signed up that play in the Hamilton area which was good to see.  There were several breaks over 50 with the high break going to Levi Meiller with 84.  See the results on our website http://ontariosnooker.club/snooker/index.php/2019-2020-results/ranking-event-5-2018   We played down to 6 players for the Sunday finals.  Our finalists were Levi Meiller and Jon Wallace.  Jon played consistently good throughout the whole tournament and deserved his first time win in our qualifiers; congratulations to him in beating Levi 3-1 in the final. 

Congratulations: Jon Wallace












 Qualifier #6 






Event 6 was played at Master Q; thank you to Carter and his staff for hosting and having excellent snooker conditions for all of us.   Was a great turnout for the event with 48 players competing.   We had 11 players that signed up for their first event.  There were 3 no shows.  The tournament started sharp at 9AM and some quick 3-0 matches; Gerrard Morrison had a 71 and 50+ to win his first match 3-0.  Nitin Sharma and our reigning Ontario Champion Alan Whitfield battle in the second round with Alan winning 3-2.  The last 16 round was another hard fought match between Derrick Claus and Eddie Galati which could have gone either way; Derrick won 3-2.   last eight was finalized around 7PM for Sunday.  Our winner was Floyd Ziegler who defeated Phil Snache 3-2 in the finals.  Congratulation to our finalists. The website is updated now with the results.




 Fees collected were $1,820 (45@40 1@20).  There was a missed entry fee.  Thanks to all who assisted me that day in helping run the event.  We are looking for a non-player to assist us in running these qualifiers but yet to find one. The breakdown was as follows:




 1st  $500 2nd  $250  3rd to 4th  $130  5th to 8th  $80.  Green Fees $240, holdback $240.   Added to the prize pool for the Provincial Championship is $240 + 275 (11 new members) = $515.  Total in our prize pool as of today is $3,565.






Congratulations: Floyd Ziegler

 Qualifier #7 





We had a great tournament over the weekend! 51 players competed on Saturday, 25 at the Corner Bank (CB) and 26 at Monte Carlo (MC) with the final 4 from each venue coming back to MC on Sunday for the finale.   Thank you to our hosts Ross at MC and Jim/John at CB and their staff for giving us great playing conditions and making this happen; using 2 venues worked great for the players, the hosts, and the speed of play in finishing the event on a timely basis.


 There were some great battles on the table with many high breaks and quality snooker.  The tournament started at MC with a century break from Nitin Sharma who is one of our strongest new players this season; he knocked in a break of 102 in the final frame to win his first match.  We also had multiple 70+ breaks at CB in some hard fought battles.  the quality of snooker in Ontario is getting better all the time with many players putting in the time to practice that is now paying off.  Sunday saw another Century break of 101 from Jason Williams against Tony Renda in the first frame of the quarters, Tony hit back next frame with a 59 break to level the match which ended up going to the rubber game with Tony knocking in a one red clearance to win on the black ball; was a great match.  Lobsang Lama is well known by all of us by now as one of our best players with his potting and break building ability; he won his quarter-final match against Nitin 3-2 while both players entertained us with their aggressive and potting styles.  Finally, we have our current Ontario Champion Alan Whitfield who dominated each opponent he played right up to the final with his great technique and consistent play; he had multiple breaks over 70 with his highest at 80 on his way to the final to meet Lobsang.  In the end Alan played the best at the weekend and deserved his victory over Lobsang 3-2.  Well done to our finalists and congratulations to all players that competed hard and played the best they could on the day.


Our fees collected were $2,040 which included 4 first time players.  Prize payout totaled $1450, Green fees were $255 split with both clubs and the holdback was $335 which is now added to our prize pool for a total of $3,900 so far for the Ontario Championship. 


Congratulations: Alan Whitfield
































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