The Corner Bank Oct 7, 2017

Qualifier #1 Champion

Congratulations to John Everakien 

We would like to thank The Corner Bank and staff for opening their Venue. We had a bit of a late start to our season which you could tell by our large entry that Snooker players are anxious to play this great game. It was a long day with a lot of matches going the full five frames so at the end of the day 8 players remained. Sunday proved to be an exciting day with Dean Furey moving himself through to the finals to take on an always strong player John Everakien. In the end John just out played Dean.

Shooterville Oct 28, 2017

Qualifier #2 Champion

Congratulations to Floyd Ziegler 

Our second Qualifer has come to a close with another great turn out. 31 Players turned out to compete at Shooterville. Thanks to Shooterville and their staff for opening up their venue. Again some great matches took place with some going the full five frames. One highlite that cannot go unmentioned was Floyd Ziegler's 130 total clearance on Saturday against Peter Leone. Even though Peter lost he wittnessed some great snooker

Floyd came out on top 3-1 over John Brooks which also put out some high breaks and played very well.

Thank You to all the players that came out to participate. The participation is over whelming. Three years ago when we started the Ontario Snooker Club we were averaging 12 players now it is growing in leeps in bounds.

Below is a link to the updated Rankings List.

Monte Carlo Billiards Nov 11, 2017

Qualifier #3 Champion

Congratulations to Floyd Ziegler 

We would like to thank Monte Carlo Billiards for opening their Venue for our 3rd Qualifier. Again we had a great turn out and some great matches. Once again Floyd provided the highlite of the day with a 112. The final match provided some great Snooker with Lobsang Lama inserting a little pressure on Floyd. The final match went the full five games and came down to a Black ball game which Floyd managed to pull out.

Thanks to all the players for participating and hope to see you all at Shooterville on the 25th of November.

Shooterville Nov 25, 2017

Qualifier #4 Champion

Congratulation to Derrick Claus 

Once again we would like to thank Shooterville and their staff for giving up their Venue for the weekend to allow us to run another very successful Qualifier. Without out these great Venues there would not be any qualifiers so we like to thank each Venue. Once a dieing sport, Snooker is making a huge comeback and our numbers show it. We added 5 more players to our membership this weekend and continues to grow. We had a mix of matches this weekend with some going the full 5 and some ending rather quickly. As the matches moved along we found two new members competing for the championship. Derrick Claus vs. Frank Ammirante.  Derrick continued his steady play and wrapped up the final in three straight. 

Thanks again to all the Players & Venues that continue to support this great game.

We have one more qualifier left this year which will be held Dec 16th at The Corner Bank. The online registration will up by tomorrow. We look forward to seeing everyone there. 

The Corner Bank Dec 16, 2017

Qualifier #5 Champion

Congratulations to Alan Whitfield

A big thank you goes out to our Tournament Director Jim Wych and The Corner Bank. Again we had a very successful Ranking event with 38 players. This time we had 10 new members added to our membership which now puts us over 70 members this season which just shows that Snooker is on the rise in Ontario. We had a mix of matches with some going three straight and some going the full five. When it came down to the semi finals we found one new member Alan Whitfield, Derrick Claus which is always steady and near the top and two players that travel and practice together Vince Chrysler and Adam Monture. Obviously you can see what hard work and dedication can do. Derrick put up a real fight against Adam but Adam got the best of their match and on the other side Alan proved to tough for Vince. Alan continued his strong play in the finals where he took Adam three straight.

The Ranking list is beginning to show what participation is all about. We have a few players towards the top of the list trying to fight their way into a seeded position into the Ontario Provincial Snooker Championships. This system is proving to really work as our numbers just keep going up each tournament. Thanks to all the players that participated and we hope to see you all on Jan 6th at Monte Carlo Billiards. Our ONLINE REGISTRATION is now live.

We would like to wish everyone a Safe and Happy Holliday.

Monte Carlo Billiards Jan 6, 2018

Qualifier #6 Champion

Congratulations to Lobsang Lama

We would like to thank Monte Carlo Billiards for hosting Qualifier #6, it was our last visit to this venue and we want to thank Ross for his continued support and hope to add a couple qualifiers at his venue next season. Once again we had a great turn out with 34 players. As I look over the matches just about half went the full five frames while there were a lot of three straight wins also. Four players came back Sunday for the semi finals. First match we found Alan Whitfield winner of Qualifier #5 up against Farid Afandi, Alan was playing just too good as he eliminated Farid three games straight. The second match consisted of Presley Bacchus which has proved by his rankings that participating in every qualifier and playing well will keep you in that top eight, he came up against a steady Lobsang Lama that came through the preliminary match and went on to steam roll his way into the finals by eliminating Presley three straight. Lobsang has held the top position in the rankings for the past couple of months and after a 3-1 win over Alan he has jumped into a commanding lead.

Our ranking system seems to be working as the participation is up and the top eight players which will be seeded into the Ontario Provincial Championships is changing every qualifier. There is now only four qualifiers left and it becomes even more important to play in each qualifier to keep your spot. Qualifier #7 will take place on Jan 27th at Frederick Billiards in Kitchener and we will also be back there again March 3rd. Our online registration is now up. We hope to see everyone on Jan 27th.

 Below is a link to our updated Ranking List.

Frederick Billiards Jan 27, 2018

Qualifier #7 Champion

Congratulations to Floyd Ziegler 

This was our first time this season to visit Frederick Billiards and as always everyone experienced great hospitality. We have always struggled to get a good field for this venue but with our new Ranking system there was not a problem. With 25 players entered the day proved to be very exciting. Even though the draw is a random draw we found a lot of matches going 3-0 which is sometimes the case. The Semi Finals consisted of Floyd Ziegler taking on Farid Afandi and Hussain Rahimi taking on Ali Hassanpoor. In the first match Farid had his hands full as Floyd had not lost a game all day and continued his strong play against Farid winning easily 3-0. The second match proved to be much different as Hussain and Ali battled out right down to a deciding frame with Hussain coming out on top. Floyd managed to win three straight off Hussain and take his Third Qualifier this season.  

The Rankings are getting very close with only three qualifiers left and the fight is on for one of the top eight spots. Our Online Registration is no up for Qualifier #8 Feb 17th at Shooterville. REGISTER TODAY.

Below is a link to our updated Ranking List.

 Shooterville Feb 17, 2018

 Qualifier #8 Champion

 Congratulations to Tony Renda

 Our final qualifier at Shooterville for this season proved to be another great day with 25 players competing for points towards the Ontario Provincial Championships. We would like to thanks Don and his staff at Shooterville for their great hospitality. This time around we found four players that are not familiar to the Semi Finals. The first match consisted of Kevin Brown and Tony Renda. Both players are tough competitors but in the end Tony pulled it out with a 3-1 victory. In the second match Dan Bissonnette took on Presley Bacchus. Dan had some great breaks during the day with an 84 & 76 and also had a 78 against Presley but Presley's steady play was just to good for Dan as Presley came out a winner 3-1. When it came down to the Final match we found Tony & Presley in a situation they had not been in this season. Again another tough match with Tony Renda coming out on top 3-2. Thanks to all the players for their participation.

Our Rankings have become very close with all the top players fighting it out for one of the top eight spots and a paid seeded spot into the Ontario Championships. The next two Ranking Events will be very important to a lot of players on the bubble of getting one of those top eight spots. Below is a link to the Ranking List.