Ranking Event #1

Congratulations: Lobsang Lama


Ranking Event #2

Congratulations: Lobsang Lama

Was a great competition at qualifier number 2 hosted by Monte Carlo. All 44 players showed up and competed all day Saturday up to late evening with the last 8 coming back on Sunday.  The OBSA would like to thank our host and also the players/members for making it a great tournament.  Some of us had to wait a while to play as the field was big and with only 6 tables, some matches played to the final frame.  8 players returned Sunday at 11am with some great matches highlighted by the semi-final between John Everekian and Lobsang Lama.  John cleared up with a brilliant 137 break to go ahead 2-0 then Lobsang hit back with breaks of 83, 53, and a 90 clearance to win the match 3-2; he ended up the winner again beating Farid Afandi in the final; well done guys! was great snooker.

Ranking Event #3

Congratulations: Lobsang Lama

 Congratulations to Levi Meiller and Sahil Nayyar who made it to the finals with Levi out potting Sahil to take the final 3-1.  Sahil who is a new young player this year with the OBSA is getting well known in Toronto for his snooker talent; on this way to the finals he racked up breaks of 114, 88, and 75, while Levi just outscored and out potted all his opponents with consistency to make it to there too; Levi consistency paid off and he was the best player on the day.

Ranking Event #4

Congratulations: Levi Meiller

Ranking Event #5

Congratulations: Danny Glumicic

Ranking Event #6

Congratulations: Levi Meiller

 Ranking Event #7

Congratulations: Floyd Ziegler

Ranking Event #8

Congratulations: Floyd Ziegler

 Ranking Event #9

Congratulations: Lobsang Lama

Ranking Event #10

Congratulations: Lobsang Lama

0ntario Provincial Championship

Congratulations: Alan Whitfield

Congratulations to our Ontario Champion:  Alan Whitfield who defeated Sahil Nayyar in the final.  Was a great success for all of us playing from Friday evening and finishing around 8pm Sunday.   Please see our website for the results of the draw and photos that Les will update soon.  Collected fees for the final was $3010 added to $4370 total $7380. All funds were paid out as follows:

$180  incremental expenses for floor referee and food.

$50x8=    400  Last eight in the first Eliminations



$100x8=  800  Last eight that competed with the top ranked players

$250x4 = 1000 Quarter finalists

$500x2 = 1000 Semi-Finalists

$1,000  Runner up

$2,000  Winner

$1,000  paid to CBSA for the top four players entry fees for the Canadian Championship. 

We will be sending out another e-mail soon for a recap of the season and what to look forward to for the coming year.  Thanks to all that were involved over the season and was great socially getting to know lots of players.   There is lots more snooker for players who want to keep competing in tournaments, check our website for updates of upcoming events.  Take care all.

Presley and Les.


































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