We would like to start by sending a big thank you to Geoff and his staff at Frederick Billiards. Once again great service and tables that are kept in tip top shape. If you have never been to Fredericks I suggest you stop by.

We had a great field of players come out for what some players are saying was very important in that race to be in the top 8 which will seed them into the Ontario Provincial Championships. Also at this point in the season every point matters if you want to earn a chance to play in the Canadian Snooker Championships. I cannot stress enough about  participation. Our Ranking List will determine the order on who will be asked to play in the Canadian Snooker Championship.

Today was just an all around fantastic day of Snooker. I said to a few guys today, we witnessed some of the best snooker of the season. When it all came down to the end we had Levi Meiller against Derrick Claus. I had watched both of their previous matches where Derrick Played Wes Martin and continued to bang in shots from everywhere along with great positional play. Then Levi Meiller took on Danny Glumicic in the other semi match and similar to Derrick's match Levi made every long shot he attempted as if they were routine not too mention his great positional play. The final match went back in fourth through the first couple of frames each making big breaks just to be cancelled out by his opponent but when it came right down to it Derrick was having a fantastic day not only with his precise positioning but also with some great long pots to keep breaks going.

Congratulations: Derrick Clause 

Note Schedule Change

We have cancelled Feb 4th and are looking for a venue for March 18. Our next Ranking Event will be Feb 25th at Monte Carlo Billiards. Our Online Registration will go online Jan 31 

Ranking Event #7 Jan 26th 9:00am Frederick & Steel City. Plus Provincials April 6-7 Corner Bank

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