We would like to thank Ross and his staff at Monte Carlo Billiards for opening their venue to us. This is the first time the OSC has visited this venue and it won't be the last. What a great spot.

We ended up with 18 players, there were a lot of matches that came down to a deciding frame. In the the end it came down to Derrick Clause and Danny Glumicic which had both played steady all day. Derrick played some of his best snooker of the day in the final match and came out on top.

Congratulations Derrick Clause.

There has been some confusion over the Peter Kippie Memorial 6 Red on Dec 3 & 4. This tournament will be in place of our scheduled event on Dec 3. We have made this tournament a Double Ranking Points event for all OSC members. There is also a change in the schedule. Our 5th Ranking event at Fredericks Billiards has been changed to Nov 12th.

Ranking Event #7 Jan 26th 9:00am Frederick & Steel City. Plus Provincials April 6-7 Corner Bank

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Please Enter my name for the Provincial Championship April 6th & 7th The Corner Bank. Check Rules for Eligibility   Yes  
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