OBSA Double Ranking Points

Peter Kippie Memorial


We will be running a Calcutta after the first round at 32 Players. We will also being doing a redraw after the first round.

Due to the overwhelming support we have decided to cancel the consolation tournament as there will not be enough time to finish the whole tournament over the weekend.

Times of play, 11:00, 12:30, 2:00 & 3:30 Second Round to start at 6:00 & 7:30 you must arrive by your scheduled time.

Times will be posted for each player Friday evening.

11:00 am Starting Time 

Danny Glumicic    John Brooks  Maurene Setto   Doug Gibson  
 Chris Bartha  Rob Waddell   Tony Porto  Will Hamilton 
  Ali Hassanpoor    Jeff White     Floyd Ziegler  Paul Flemming 
 Dan Bissonnette   Paul Neal   Arbi Seyranian    Harry  Chaggaris 


12:30 pm Starting Time

Levi Meiller   Peter Bolahood  Dan Hierman    Ali Assar  

 Rolland Colbourne 

 Zack Shookner   

Barry Larone 


Scott Kimmerly 

 Derrick Clause   John Mora  Farid Afandi  Dave Puddy 
 Gus Langlois  Tim Parisian    Mike  IIkiw   

Nicholas Ridley  


2:00 pm Starting Time

Brian Poole 

Pat McCarthy 


Oma Miesta 


Tom Liordis


Hussain Rahimi 

Gary Hoover    

Bill Defoe

Dean Furey 

 Les Edwards   John Hensal   

Cliff Thorburn 

Lobsang Tenzin  

Tony Renda 

Charlie Rowden 


Jason Heckbert 

Presley Bacchus  


3:30 pm Starting Time 

Eddie Galati    Phil Snache   Ken Price  Joe Pulitz   

Bobby Gray 

 Paul Thornley    

Chris Wood 

 Muhammad Danish 

Mike Kelly 

 Austin Edwards   

David Greenland 

 Ed Heckbert 

Andrew Ellis 

 Robin Petersen   

Dan Styles 

Krill Melnikov