Sept 12

The Corner Bank

Congratulations Phil Snache

We would like to thank all the players for their support in our R1 Qualifier. We had a field of 13 players with 7 Black Players and 6 Red Players. With a smaller field we decided to play down to two players from each division for the semi finals. 

Rolland Colbourne took on Floyd Ziegler in one match and put up a real fight eventually losing 3-2. In the other match Oma Miesta made it to the semi finals against a red hot Phil Snache who won 3-0. We then seen a classic match up between Floyd Ziegler and Phil .Snache. The two of them decided to go to a one game shoot out. Phil came out on top wining it on the pink ball.


Prize Break Down

Phil Snache $180.00

Floyd Ziegler $135.00

Rolland Colbourne $70.00

Oma Miesta $70.00

R2 Qualifier is set for Oct 10 & 11 at The Corner Bank

Watch for the online registration as this will be your only way to enter the tournament. 

Thanks to all the players for attending our first AGM.

One major change will be the point system. We now will base your year end totals on your best five qualifiers. Dave Puddy raised a good point as some players have other engagements and cannot make every qualifier. The year end standings will be our way to place players in the Canadian Snooker Championships and the only way a player can get in other then a direct entry. If you would like to play in the Ontario or Canadian Snooker Championships you must participate in our Qualifiers.



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